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  • Packaged in stylishly designed tins, Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Juniors are perfect for smoking on the go or sneaking a quick cigar into your busy schedule. The cigars are wrapped in a seven-year-old Connecticut wrapper and a sturdy Nicaraguan binder and filled with flavorful Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. These little stogies feature notes of butter and toast with nutty undertones for a flavorful smoke that is not overpowering.
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Restricted for Nova Scotia Only
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SIZEPetit Corona
Cigar Score86
WRAPPERUSA Connecticut Shade
FILLERDom. Republic / Nicaragua
Product Details Cigar

⊗ Rocky Patel quickly become a legend in the cigar world with brands like Edge, Vintage 1990’s and Vintage 1992’s as well as a handful of other popular brands. Well, here is one of the first mild brands created by Rocky.

⊗ The Vintage Connecticut 1999 blend features the oldest true Connecticut shade wrapper on the market joined by Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers and a Nicaraguan binder. This mild, cedary cigar changes in complexion to a smooth medium body as it’s smoked. The Rocky Patel Vintage Connecticut 1999 is a well-balanced cigar that is exquisite in appearance and construction. A perfect morning cigar with your cup of coffee or a perfect smoke for those of you who want something a little more creamy and smooth.

Summary Cigar

The Rocky Patel Junior may be small, but it packs enough flavor to drive away whatever ails you. Lighting up a Junior is guaranteed to lift your spirits. That guarantee comes from Rocky Patel’s years of consistent critical acclaim, and the passion that they put into every single cigar that bears their name. The Junior has that passion in abundance, utilizing a special blend of Honduran tobacco to create a rewarding full bodied smoke. At four inches and a thirty eight ring gauge, the Junior will provide an ecstatic twenty to thirty minute smoke. Perfect for taking a break from the hectic demands of the day.

About Brand CIgar

⊗ Take a break with Rocky Patel.

Consistent 90+ plus ratings, expertly constructed blends, beautiful packaging, and a man with more passion in his little finger than a lot of other names in the industry have in their whole body are what sets Rocky Patel apart from the rest. You can bet that someone in the CI office has a lit Rocky Patel next to them at any given time, and countless humidors around the world are stuffed to the gills with his handmades. Lighting up a Rocky is a sure-fire way to decompress after a long day, or enhance your enjoyment of the company of friends. But what happens when you don’t have quite enough time to burn a cigar for an hour or more? Simple! You pull your pack of Rocky Patel Juniors out of your pocket, light up, and forget your cares while on your lunchbreak, running errands, or sitting outside when the weather isn’t ideal. With the Juniors line, you get five 4″x 38 genuine hand-made long-filler cigars packed in a convenient tin to keep them safe on-the-go, ready for whenever life hands you an extra 20 or 30 minutes.  

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