Panter Clair Cigars (Formerly Blue)



  • Panter
  • A Connecticut shade wrapper grown under natural cloud-cover in Ecuador gives this stick a mellow, smooth flavor. Gentle on the palate and great for the morning.
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Restricted for Nova Scotia Only
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STRENGTHMedium to Full
SIZE Cigarillo
Cigar Score86
WRAPPER Ecuador Connecticut
Product Details Cigar

⊗ Panter Small Cigars enjoy an enormously positive reputation overseas as the best small cigar experience to be had, and it’s time they caught on stateside. You just can’t beat the sophisticated and refined flavors that can only come from top-quality leaves & great care during construction. The convenience of a sturdy tin and quick 10-15 minute miniature size makes this the perfect choice for whether you’re out and about or lounging at home, and there are enough flavor options to satisfy any palate.

Summary Cigar

One of the best small sized cigar experience to have!

About Brand CIgar

⊗ Panter cigars are a brand that specialize in small, cafe cigars. They’re mild, tasty and affordably-priced, making them some of the best quick smokes you can buy. Depending on the series, Panter cigarillos are produced in a variety of wrapper leaves, including Indonesian Sumatra, Brazilian, and Connecticut. Holland produces some of the world’s finest small, dry-cured cigars, and Panter are ranked at the top in popularity for their superior flavor and quality.

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