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  • Rocky Patel Decade Cameroon Robusto Cigars (5″ x 50) is a spin off the super high-rated Decade Sumatra. The filler blend is still a secret, but what isn’t a secret is how amazing this cigar is. It’s mystery filler blend is topped off with a Cameroon wrapper giving the cigar a medium body that all aficionados and newbies will love. Not everyone smokes the same size cigars.
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Product Details Cigar

⊗ Rocky Patel is obsessed with perfection. He hems and haws over numerous improvements on all of his cigar blends, as well as their packaging and production. In his latest attempt at super-refinement, Rocky decided to see if he could push the limits of flavor even further with his already best-selling, 95-rated Decade line.

⊗ Rocky recently procured a truckload of stunning Cameroon wrappers, and after a bit of patient experimentation, the Decade Cameroon was unveiled to update an award-winning blend in a new direction. The glistening, smooth and balanced Cameroon wrapper ushers a nice profile of wood, hickory, coffee and caramel over a complex medley of filler components.

⊗ Decade Cameroon finishes with a savory and sweet spice certain to impress and captivate diehard Rocky fans. Or, if you’re just getting into Rocky Patel cigars, Decade Cameroon is a great place to start

Summary Cigar

Rocky Patel Decade has received accolades from its inception, earning a ’95’ rating and deserving every part of it. Now this revered blend is getting a new addition, utilizing one of the most sought-after wrapper leaf. The Cameroon wrapper, prized for its unique sweetness and earthy undertones, is carefully cultivated in Africa and are a commodity enjoyed too rarely.

About Brand CIgar

⊗ Rocky Patel’s number one goal has always been to create the very best cigars. A goal he set out to achieve in 1996, and a goal many would say he has already accomplished. Each one of Rocky Patel’s cigars has been the result of his unprecedented diligence and passion.

⊗ His hard work has continued to pay off in spades, as his brand has earned countless 90+ ratings, and in the process has become the epitome of boutique cigars. With so many cigars under Rocky Patel’s belt now, it’s hard to say which is the best, but try Special Reserve Sun Grown, Decade 10th anniversary, and Royale, all superb cigars highly rated by Cigar Aficionado. Find a slew of Rocky Patel cigars at low prices at Cigars International – a big score indeed!

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