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  • Phillies Blunt
  • Phillies are a Domestic cigar from the makers of Backwoods and Hav-A-Tampa. For a long time running, they have been among the most recognizable names in machine made cigars, available at convenience stores and cigar shops around the world. The cigars are made with short or chopped-filler tobacco and a homogenized binder to give them a distinct tobacco flavor.
  • Phillies, a popular name in the machine-made cigar industry, almost don’t need an introduction. They’ve been in the business practically forever and are one of the most recognized American brands out there. The Blunts feature a softer-bodied profile but are jam-packed with expertly blended tobaccos for a smooth earthy flavor and sweet aroma.

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Length4 7/8"
Cigar Score85
BINDERHomogenized Tobacco Leaf
FILLERCaribbean Basin Cuban Seed
Product Details Cigar

⊗ A home-run for machine-mades with Phillies cigars!Phillies blunt cigars are famous for more than just their name. Filled with a tame blend of Dominican and Honduran tobaccos, these decadent premiums are a top-seller for over a century, Phillies are one of the most recognized blunt cigars, and are available in extensive sizes, shapes and flavors at convenience stores and cigar shops around the world including Phillies Titan cigars.

⊗ Known for their unique earthy flavor and sweet fragrance, the cigar is mellow, smooth and consistent. Including blends such as Blunt Chocolate Aroma, Blunt Strawberry, and Phillies Titan cigars there’s a Phillies blunt blend for any palate. Phillies machine-made cigars are a hit out of the park

Summary Cigar

With a long-lasting, earthy flavor that lingers for a while after your stick has burned out, and a distinct aroma that is as pleasing as it is smooth, these cigars are loaded with an easy blend of tobacco that lends them a hearty taste

About Brand CIgar

⊗ From the famous streets of Philly to the top of the music charts, Phillies cigars are a cultural icon that set the standard for every domestic brand that followed. With its simple, no-frills attitude, Phillies blunt cigars are all about sharing the good times. It’s not about the bottle service and VIP lines, it’s not about the cigar flavor of the week, it’s not locked on who’s got the most expensive and best cigars… Phillies Sweets are about real moments of pure smoking pleasure. Since 1910, Phillies cigars are a staple among regular folks that take pleasure in an affordable everyday cigar.

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